Startups know no age

Hart Maine and scented candles for men

The creator of ManCans, American Hart Maine, founded his brand when he was only 13 years old. The boy was watching his sister selling scented candles at a charity fair and noticed that the candles smelled “girly”. While men may also wish to buy a candle, which means that the buyer should have a choice. There should be candles not only with the smell of roses and lavender on the counter, but also with truly masculine smells, for example, tobacco or freshly cut grass. The idea was implemented, and today Main is already in college, and his business brings in about $ 200,000 a year. But, of course, at the beginning of the journey, the “founder” faced obvious problems: he needed initial capital, assistants, and effective distribution channels. The parents helped the boy: both with money and with hands, and at first they sold the goods mainly through friends.

Flying motorcycle of Alexander Atamanov

According to statistics, most often success in business is achieved by those who start it at about 30 years of age. Why? Firstly, young people are able to generate bold and sometimes even daring ideas. Secondly, at the age of 30, entrepreneurs (even beginners) already have enough relations and experience to implement the project. Examples can be found easily. But this does not mean that businessmen from this age group do not face difficulties.

Retirees — an American and a Russian

You can successfully do business in the “golden age”. After all, all paths for people who have crossed a certain age line are open. For example, the American banker Amadeo Giannini founded the well-known conglomerate Bank of America (the second largest bank in the United States) when he was 60 years old. Giannini was born in 1870. Early in his career, he worked at Columbus Savings & Loan owned by his wife’s father, and saw an opportunity to expand the business with deposits from former immigrants. His idea was received no support and the directors turned him down. After that, the young man created his own Bank of Italy in San Francisco, which focused on entrants. Unable to be served in other banks, they went to Giannini, where they could open deposits and get loans. In 1916, the entrepreneur decided to buy more than 500 banks throughout California, and this risk paid off: a wide branch network gave impetus to the development of his project. And in 1928, he came to agreement on a merger with Bank of America from Los Angeles.

Failure is also a step towards success

Is there an optimal age to start a business? Both a schoolboy and an elderly person who is preparing to retire can achieve success. Of course, a lot depends on the circumstances, financial capabilities and organizational abilities.

Accelerator helps the business

What can support an entrepreneur and give them some support when launching a startup? The experience that they will gain over 10–15 years of active work. If an entrepreneur is not a complete newcomer to business, if they have work experience, relations, and their own mistakes, they will be able to start better even in a completely new field.



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