Beyond the limits: how MedTech changes our lives

Live a full life

One of the most significant developments in recent years has been bionic prostheses, thanks to which people who have lost their upper or lower limbs can live a full life. The developers of bionic hand prostheses in Motorika, a Russian company, explain the principle of their work as follows: “The bionic prosthesis works by reading the electrical potential generated by the special myoelectric sensors during the tension of the remaining muscle tissues of the hand. Myoelectric sensors transmit the read signal to the microprocessor, the brain of the entire prosthesis, which processes the received information using computer algorithms. As a result, the microprocessor, based on the received signal, generates commands in a fraction of a second and sends them to the engines (motors), which set the active parts of the prosthesis in motion.”

Movement in a new way

There are many stories similar to the story of Motorika in Russian practice. For example, Techbionik company which also makes prostheses and orthoses, has achieved considerable success. In November last year, it got the VOIR-2021 award (award of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators) for its achievements in the field of science. At the beginning of his journey, Stanislav Muravyov became a member of the GenerationS acceleration program, that helped him to develop his startup and provided him with suggestions in what form he could present the idea to investors.

New Reality

Some 10 years ago, we heard about exoskeletons in the movies or could read about them in some futuristic material. Today, Russian startups are developing solutions in this area and are in demand not only in Russia, but also abroad.



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